Saturday, March 3, 2012


Damn bored !
Starting to miss my school life...

Copy fren's homework..

Rush for tuition..

Study til crazy for exam eve..

Chatting in class although teacher teaching..

But, i admit.. quite bored lah..


Now, share a picture ba.. quite late ady..

An european there :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well, today as normal sleep like a pig..

Den, followed mum go pasar buy my beloved things :)

& today was all my 5 aunt gathering~

They cook their nyonya dishes..

Wow, yummy! ate a lot..

Regret now... fat ady :(

There is 2/3 kuih, keow teow sup & lemak laksa!


After that went to Village mall for last day of pc fair..

Wanted to buy hard disk.. but, seem lik quite expensive..

Lastly gv up ! :(

But bought a hello kitty cover for my netbook :P

Cute lah!

That all for today~

And also wanna wish my uncle vin..

All the best for his studies :)

Don't always miss his "wife"..


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Form one buddyz !

Six of us, but less one LAZY PIG HUEY !


V all hang out to Yoshiya den p.a.t.h.

V ate & v chat for long time.

Stomach also overful :)

V had took some pics, but all of us like "seh kor" face.

Also equal to "sleepy" face.

Plus, our little vonnie, usual dun like to snap pics but today she was !


Let's check out the pic :P

See, tis two Idiot :P

P/s : Miss Seng Ming Huey, truly hope that next gathering u will attend :(

Frenz :D

While, seh kor at hse for quite a number of day.

Finally went out with frens for gathering on 21-2-2012.

That mean, is my dear fren, Yam Sin Min went taiwan de last day at here.

V hang out at village mall.

Chit Chat with Mei Shan, Sin Min, Chia Ying, Sook Wen & Carmen Chan.

But, Chia ying's Bf followed us too.

This is Chia ying's bf helped..

This v snap ourselves. In 6 :)

A happy gathering :D

+ sin min's idea..

We bought a muffin as cake for mei shan to celebrate her earlier birthday :)

Cant buy cake that is bcz v all r fulled .. haha..

Wish Sin min all the best in Taiwan..

& happy birthday to mei shan! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Random :(

All right now, i had been forced to update again :D

Moody for few days..


It's Valentine's Days!

I guess all of u guys sure busy planning surprise or hang out & etc ba :)

I'm not included ya!

Aiz.. Quite sad lah...

Can't celebrate it..

But, nevermind! Hope to celebrate with my buddyz! :)

Some words here..

For couple, sweet & romantic!

For single, PARTY ROCK ! :D

Monday, February 6, 2012


Kek Lok Si's nite view :)

Nah!! Vin i uploaded for u dy..

I went there ! Haha..

A bit 38 rite?

We had been stuck at the almost 2 hours..

Actually, we can save 1 hour like tat, but...

We jz forget to make a turn so we nid to patah balik..

It's damn jam...

Thaipusam mia thg & chap goh meh eve & public holiday !

Quite moody lah :(

Midnight drink at coffee island and there was a lot of ppl watchin football match..

I'd been included, but i dunno which is the winner :)

The End.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Recently, i was fall in love with a song..

"Sha gua" by a girl & boy..

Lyrics & the melody are damnly nice !

Fall in love deeply..

I wanna to recommend for a friend..

But, he seems like misunderstanding me ><

Anyway, let it b.

I always told myself :)